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4 types of clairvoyance

There are different types of psychic abilities that a spiritual medium can possess. Let’s discuss the 4 most well-known and most occurred psychic abilities within clairvoyance.

Seeing the future

This is also called ‘clairvoyance’. It stands for ‘seeing clearly’. This often means that the psychic can see things before they happen, of clearly feel or know what is about to occur. The psychic often sees some kind of movie playing in their head or a vision. The information gained can be about a person, an object, a location or a situation.  Seeing the future can also be interesting in a psychic love reading to understand what is to come with your current partner or in your future love live. This reading helps you find the answers in your heart.

Seeing ghosts, angels, spirit guides or other supernatural objects

This is another form of psychic ability (clairvoyance) where paranormal and supernatural are combined. Seeing supernatural objects is all about seeing what is beyond ‘normal’, beyond ‘natural’.  Psychics that see ghosts or angels, do not always see the same thing. It is possible to have similar features, but there is not 1 clear answer as to what these supernatural objects look like. Many people have reported all different kind of looks, shadows, and colors.  

Seeing visions

Some psychics claim that they can see or feel certain visions based on a photo or a personal item. They perceive and interpret bundles of energy that are turned into pictured for them to see and comprehend. If the psychic is tuned in, they don’t have to make a lot of effort to see visions. This comes pretty natural.  

Seeing and reading aura’s

You have probably heard of aura’s before. An aura is a kind of colored light (energy field) around a person, of which can be read how someone is feeling at the present moment. Every person is said to have an aura around them. An aura can tell a lot to a experienced psychic. About the way they are feeling, what is on their mind, if they are happy, or even things like if they are suitable for a specific job or not.

Other options

Next to the four types of clairvoyance mentioned above, it is also possible to see other elements such as: symbols, flashes of light, fog, looking inside someone body, extraterrestionals, spaceships, and maybe even more! Psychics come in many different shapes and forms and they all have a special kind of gift. If you are interested in reading more about this topic check out Barbara’s Psychic Mediums. We offer all kind of services to answer any burning questions you may have. This can be about all kind of elements of your life like love, career, friends, health, your home situation, or anything else that you are pondering about.