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Spirit Guides will shine a light on your life

Spirit Guides are such a special phenomenon that can really make your life just that much better. Describing Spirit Guides can be very difficult because they do not mean the exact same thing to every person. One way to characterize a Spirit Guide is as a guide that has our best interest in mind and that was already assigned to us before we were born. Wanting the best for us, our guides are always around us trying to help us go in the right direction to follow our path to happiness and inner peace. They can contact us in varying ways and it is important that we are open to receiving the guidance they want to give us. In whichever shape or form they come, their soul purpose is to dedicate themselves to our personal growth and development in this life. Our Spirit Guides will not force themselves on us with their presence, but will only appear in our lives as much as we let them. All people on earth have one main guide, and many other guides. In a previous life time you have experienced and made certain connections and bonds. You main guide is one of these people that you have felt an extra strong connection with and that made you feel safe.  

How Spirit Guides reach out to us and make contact

Your Spirit Guides overlook your every action from above. Nothing goes past them and so they know exactly when it the right time to jump in and provide some extra help. A number of ways they can do this:

  • It is possible that you receive a gut feeling about a certain person or situation. You can actually feel something is going to happen, but are not exactly sure how to interpret the upcoming situation. Your Spirit Guide is letting you know that you should pay attention.
  • Sending a sign or a person. Someone or something can come along your path and give you specific information that is essential for you to know about.
  • They will give you a nudge in the right direction.
  • Make sure you have strong instincts and intuition. Listen to what your instincts are telling you and you will be right.    

Have an open mind, trust in your spirit guides, trust in yourself and start this spiritual journey today. If you know your guides are always around you, watching your back, you will not feel alone anymore but understand the blessing you receive.